Looking for an Easier Life?

An eleven-year-old girl named Helen Greiner watched the movie “Star Wars” and decided she’d like to invent a robot that cleaned, much like C-3PO. Now we have a little marvel called Roomba (and many similar vacuums) that will removed the dust and crumbs from our floor at the touch of a button. In the show […]

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Life In The United States

If you look at the headlines, it appears that America is literally at war with each other. I understand that the media thinks they need to sensationalize everything to sell papers, but everything is not about politics and people are honestly more concerned about their family than the evils of Washington DC. I had the […]

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Learning To Walk

I once met a man named David with Cerebral Palsy. His mom had been the whole world to him. She carried him everywhere, fed him and loved him. One day, David’s mom died, and he became a bitter, angry person for several years. Not only did he want to die, but he decided that God […]

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Take One For the Team

Middle school teachers are a rare breed. We enjoy adolescents. We want to teach children who are at the most confusing and significant point in their childhood. We also are fiercely competitive though many of us have never won any awards for athletic greatness. This past weekend my school fielded two softball teams in a […]

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