One thing that has slapped me across the face during this COVID-19 pandemic is that there are a slew of people who assume too much and have never been taught how to properly relate to others. Have we completely lost the ability to explain things? Is there no way to think things through before sending […]

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A Quiet Dog’s Wrath

My oldest, biggest dog is extremely laid back. The two young dogs will mess with him, and it takes a lot for him to even growl, much less chase one away. My youngest, smallest dog is a bully. Hope will steal food, growl at anybody invading her space, & even try to boss everybody around. […]

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A Short Merry Christmas!

We all know that Jesus wasn’t born in winter because the shepherds were in the fields. So who’s the brilliant person that put it only four days after the shortest day of the year! I need as many minutes as I can get. I appreciate all the pretty lights and music, so why does South […]

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A Broken Place

Reverie’s shoes dug into a long, thin ribbon of sand behind the Orion Caribbean Suites, San Juan. The sound of the waves crashing against the breakers, and the majestic striations of color that painted her little stretch of beach made it worth the extra work of running through the sand. Reverie had never been a […]

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Speaking the Truth in Love

I used to work in politics, and I loved it. I loved the exchange of ideas. I loved being able to write tell-all articles about candidates at election time. I loved everything but get-out-the-vote phone calls. (This was in the days before robo-calls.) But today, politics is about anything but love. It’s sheer hatred, and […]

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Looking for an Easier Life?

An eleven-year-old girl named Helen Greiner watched the movie “Star Wars” and decided she’d like to invent a robot that cleaned, much like C-3PO. Now we have a little marvel called Roomba (and many similar vacuums) that will removed the dust and crumbs from our floor at the touch of a button. In the show […]

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Life In The United States

If you look at the headlines, it appears that America is literally at war with each other. I understand that the media thinks they need to sensationalize everything to sell papers, but everything is not about politics and people are honestly more concerned about their family than the evils of Washington DC. I had the […]

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