How Not to Waste Money

What is truth? When Pilate asked Jesus that question, He didn’t answer. I think that’s strange because surely Jesus knew. But truth is now a relative thing, which makes it a new and uncertain concept.

Truth is no longer a given in relationships, both business and personal. I’ve noticed a lot of fraud on Facebook posts today. People order things and get overcharged, or they get charged for things they didn’t order. Posts that don’t fit the “official” narrative are deleted or disclaimers are put on them. People are bashed for their opinions. Friendships are shattered simply because one person sees things differently. It’s so sad.

Because I may not be here when my daughters face these uncertain times, I thought I’d throw out these tidbits I’ve learned in the past 55 years. 1) Look at the variety and order of the universe and get to know the God who created it. Life is short and eternity isn’t. Spend it with the one who loves you more than you can imagine. Read the book of Luke. He was a doctor and a good friend. Look at his account of Jesus’ life and realize that if Jesus wasn’t risen somebody would have talked. The Romans were professional killers. There has to be some explanation for so many dying for the idea that there is a resurrection and Jesus died to pay the full price for our sins. (See the book of Ephesians 2:8, written by Paul– who started out killing Christians.) 2)Keep your friends. People that love you are worth more than any treasure you can find. Even if you don’t see them often, they have your back. 3) Always have a backup plan. That way when things inevitably go wrong, you don’t waste time worrying. Just go to plan B or C or D. 4) Read the reviews. Occasionally you’ll get a bad egg, but mostly you can trust them. 5) If somebody proves that you can’t trust them, you can still love them. Just don’t let them abuse your trust again. Pray for them, but steer clear. 6) Trust the experts. Just make sure they’re truly experts and remember that second opinions are a wonderful thing. I’m not afraid of this cancer killing me, but I’m going to do all I can to have my life until I go Home. 7) If it doesn’t make sense, trust God. He has a plan, and it’s for your good. He loves you more than anybody you can imagine. Unfortunately, many of us have had fathers who are less than perfect, and our view of God often comes from our earthly dad. That’s why you need to read your Bible. It will show the picture of who He really is and how He operates. Don’t be lazy and rely on the word of somebody else. Search out the truth for yourself. Too many liars are running around pretending they know some deep, new truth. Sure. Look at each verse: who is talking, who are they talking to, and under what circumstances. The Bible is cross-referenced for a reason. Don’t take one little piece of information out of context. Know the whole picture. Think of how many second opinions are just in the New Testament. They agree. They even show when they disagree. Truth is a good thing. It will set you free.

2 thoughts on “How Not to Waste Money

  1. Being able to trust is gold. Have friends that are still there in the bad times as they are there in the good times. Love you my friend.❤

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