Help, Lord! Cancer is winning.

This is my third “31 Prayers” book, but it focuses on the past year of my life. Instead of fighting to hold my broken heart together, I’m praying the prayer of Hezekiah, “More time, please Lord.”

I was an outrageously healthy person until October, 2020. Then I was diagnosed with Colon Cancer. At first it seemed like a simple surgery did the trick, but it was not to be. Months later I went from a miracle to metastatic colon cancer. But I didn’t feel sick.

The book is still in the works, but I’m wondering if this is something people would be interested in reading. It would be the same format as my other two books, but using the words from Jesus Himself. I’m going straight to the top on this one. Please, comment and let me know whether you would be interested in praying with me (and other cancer patients) as I fight the biggest challenge ever.

4 thoughts on “Help, Lord! Cancer is winning.

  1. Fran,
    There are so many suffering with this.
    I say “Yes, write it, especially the words God has given to you. This may be your most powerful book.
    Your writing buddy,
    Praying for you, my friend 🙏
    Expecting a miracle.


  2. So many prayers to you Fran. May all your people working with you find something that helps. Keep fighting and smiling even in the pain & uncertainty.


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