To My Unchurched Friends

I just received bad news about my cancer. The numbers are going in the wrong direction despite top of the line chemo meds and a team of doctors that are working very hard to keep me alive. Some of you would say that it proves that the hundreds of people who are praying for me are wasting their breath. But God said that “All things work together for good for those who love the Lord…” IT will be for somebody’s good if I live a few more years, and it will be for somebody’s good if I don’t. God is not some genie or Santa Claus. He knows what’s best even when we don’t see the whole picture.

If you know my history, I’ve walked away from several car wrecks that looked fatal (car was demolished) without even a broken bone. (They hit me, by the way.) Why would He save me then and not now? I can’t say. And I know I can be healed, but I also know that sometimes God says, “No.” The worst thing in the world to me is the thought that my children will be hurt. But they will see me again one day. My prayer for many years has been that Nobody I know or love will leave this earth without Jesus. Forgiveness of sins is a gift from the King of Kings. Take it, and spend eternity with Him. You will have life, and that abundantly.

Have I missed out on anything since I turned to Jesus when I was 19? No way. As one small example, let me tell you how my Christian friends have loved on me and my family since November. Literally hundreds of people are praying for me and my family. They have brought meals to the house, and they have sent money. They have come to visit, to help clean, and helped with school work/photocopying. I have received many gift cards and my school and school district have done fundraisers to help pay my bills. As of today, my hospital balance is $0. I know that will change, but it’s tangible proof that “Love One Another” is what they live by.

Though I’ve never had a lot of money, I live on the beautiful Gulf Coast only three blocks from the beach. My neighborhood is peaceful (except for the cuss family across the road: please pray for them) and smells like flowers much of the year. I have the sweetest husband in the world, and three big-hearted children I’m very proud of. My daughter-in-law is a doll, and my first grandbaby is on the way. I love teaching, my dogs, my church, my writing group, and all the organizations I’m a part of. I hope to finish the two stories I’m editing before I get too weak. And if I’m here a year from now, I hope to finish the OTHER two novels I’ve begun. I’m a woman with three degrees and I get to teach. I woke up free this morning, and I’ll die free–whenever that is. If you knew all the anger and rebellion that filled my teenage years, you would say this is impossible. But with God, all things are possible. Consider the variety and order of everything in this universe and reconsider. The invitation is open. Find a loving, bible-teaching church and see how rich your life becomes. The gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord. Hope to see you in Glory.

3 thoughts on “To My Unchurched Friends

  1. You are such an inspiration, Fran, and I love you so much! You will continue to be in my prayers. All things are possible through Christ.


  2. I LOVE this.
    We do pray for healing.
    We DO get it.
    Sometimes not the way we want.

    We either receive a healing and continue to live on Earth, or receive a healing and live on in Heaven.

    My dad received the latter, and what I stated above is what I had to tell myself and others. He was healed, just not the way we wanted.

    Prayers to you my friend.


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