What’s My Name?

I remember that when I was in college there was a famous hearing in which a US Senator was told that the government loved his children. He responded (to the other Senator), “Then what are my children’s names?” She couldn’t answer. That stuck with me, and as a history teacher I have seen many instances in which the government “loved” people right out of their homes, their livelihoods, and even their lives.

I have cancer, and I may or may not live very long. I’d really like my tax refund before I die. It may seem like a small thing, but I e-filed and it was accepted on March 27th. They have my bank account number. I did not receive stimulus #2 or #3 because it was to be given with my TAX REFUND. Guess how many medical bills I have now? Guess what date the IRS is planning to deposit my tax refund? Oh, they’re “still processing” it.

Foreign countries are receiving help from our government, but my husband and I, who have paid taxes for a combined 90 years have to just wait and see. I wonder if I’d even be getting any cancer treatment if I didn’t have insurance through my employer. The government that keeps promising things doesn’t even know my name. Except when I owe them money.

2 thoughts on “What’s My Name?

  1. We have always used direct deposit and this time they mailed it and we just got it. They are so messed up. Praying for you. Call the guy on channel 10.


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