Wishing My Days Away?

I am ready to see the end of 2020. It has been a strange year. Teaching online last spring was NO fun, and it made me appreciate my students more. Without that give-and-take in the classroom, not much learning takes place. We have been back in person (middle school) since August and have only a handful of online students. We have also had only a handful of Covid-19 cases, and strangely enough the adults started to drop like flies in December. Not literally. All recovered. Also, two people who always brought smiles to my face left this earth via suicide, and two more “healthy” people I never would’ve thought were in danger were killed by “the Rona.” I have people I love fighting cancer right now, and the world seems a much more deadly place than it did a year ago.

I was dragged kicking and screaming into getting a colonoscopy right before my birthday, and they found a large, cancerous polyp. Worse, the cancer was also in my colon. Good news: the surgeon got it all, and 6 1/2 weeks later, I’m back to 98% capacity. And I lost some weight in the process. Best of all, I found out that I really do have hundreds of good friends (and family) who prayed for me. I healed so quickly that my surgeon could barely believe it. I still have more doctor appointments in my future, but I learned to listen to the doctors. And I will, as long as they’re being reasonable. 🙂

I love people, and I feel blessed to have more time on earth with them. Family is so important to me, and I found a way to snatch little bits of time with many of them in the past few months. My mom is about to turn eighty, and I can’t believe that my aunts and uncles have gray hair. But of course, I do, so what do I expect?

The book of Proverbs makes more and more sense to me the older I get, since I have actually seen examples of some of the things Solomon was talking about. There is a way that seems right to a man, but its end is death. America is a nation at odds, and it seems people would rather act like those cheesy confrontation shows than love one another. I have the world’s most obnoxious, loud, can’t-complete-a-sentence-without-the-f-word neighbors across the street, and I think God is trying to teach me a lesson. I’m praying for wisdom with that one.

I’m working on finishing two fiction novels and my third “31 Prayers” book. I have been mostly unproductive over the Christmas break, but I still have a few days left to get moving. The two novels are 90 percent done, and the third is in my brain swimming around. If the past year hasn’t given me enough for 31 prayers, I’m in trouble. Maybe I’ll change it to 131 Prayers.

May you have a wonderful 2021 full of love and blessings. Pray for the sick and grieving, for all the front line workers, the unemployed, those with mental health issues, and ask God to bless America. We need it badly, even if 2021 is better.

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