Another Hurricane–yep, it’s still 2020

I am honestly waiting for a Tyrannosaurus Rex to come marching down my street before this year is out dragging a slew of carnivorous dinosaurs behind him. I have survived house arrest, trying to breathe and teach through a mask (my history book teaches that water plus carbon dioxide equals carbonic acid, but who’s worrying?) and ignore the headaches from lack of oxygen, students/friends who are polarized because of the riots, watching part of my country burn due to wildfires, watching my flag and my faith be disrespected, watching hurricanes churn their way toward my home, being constantly preached at and lectured like my mother didn’t raise me correctly, and wondering if I’ll wake up and take off my virtual reality goggles to find this is all one big mental stability test. Mea culpa. I give up. Whatever I wanted to pass this test for, I quit.

I want to have a mask bonfire and breathe fresh air like it’s going out of style. I want my Mom to run the roads like she used to without a care in the world. I want to discuss current events in my social studies classroom without fear for my job. I want to walk down to the beach and have it not be torn up. I want people to be able to discuss things without slinging insults or Molotov cocktails. I want respect to be important again. I promise that if you can trash a teacher that doesn’t make you any smarter than anybody else. We never claimed to be Jesus. I want bullying to die a quick and complete death. I want to watch a movie that was recently filmed that doesn’t make me sick to my stomach. And don’t even get me started on the music sung by little kids that calls women horrible names and advocates murder!

I want to party like it’s 1999 when our biggest concern was whether the computers could handle turning over to 2000. Since when did the scientific method have an agenda? And the dinosaurs, like those in the movie Jurassic Park, would be just one more reminder that we have completely lost control. Where is the land of the free and the home of the brave? Why are those who run toward danger suddenly the enemy? Why can’t we disagree with somebody without wanting them at death’s door? What happened to “Do unto others as you’d have done to you?” If science fiction is now reality, why can’t we just get some phasers from Star Trek and give them to police officers? They’d be set to “stun” of course. Does anybody else notice that so many people are spending their time screaming that nobody stops to plan a solution? How many alcoholics would be cured if they just admitted there was a problem over and over again without taking another step? Somebody call a time-out and reset this year. 2020 vision may be perfect, but this year is a hurricane inside a volcano that sits on a fault line. Honestly, can we all just stop, take a breath, and start over? The children are watching, and they’re probably scared to death.

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