2021 Olympic Games

Thanks to the dreaded “RONA” the 2020 Olympic Games have been postponed for a year. My novella “No Second Place” is a quick read with great reviews. Shameless self-promotion: my sister, Jean Driscoll, was a Paralympic athlete at a couple Olympic Games and then attended a couple more as part of the President’s delegation, so the info in the book about the Olympics is straight from the horse’s mouth so to speak. I hope you enjoy Rita’s story. I have a lot of respect for all Paralympic athletes, and watching a wheelchair race is incredibly exciting. I especially enjoyed watching my sister play wheelchair basketball though I gasped in horror the first time I saw one of the players knocked from her chair. It didn’t faze her. She just flipped back into the chair and kept on playing. Part of the reason I’m so thrilled about this book is that the US Olympic Committee added “Paralympic” to their name this year. I think that’s great, and I hope Paralympic events will one day be incorporated into the games instead of following them! They’re every bit the elite athletes that able-bodied athletes are, and they deserve the same recognition in my book.

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