One thing that has slapped me across the face during this COVID-19 pandemic is that there are a slew of people who assume too much and have never been taught how to properly relate to others. Have we completely lost the ability to explain things? Is there no way to think things through before sending that message? Here are a few reminders, and I invite my readers to add to my list:

  1. Just because you regularly use a certain type of technology it doesn’t mean it’s “simple” or somebody who doesn’t know how to use it is stupid. If you take the time to think through the steps you take and explain to to others, you’ll realize that it’s not a no-brainer to everybody,
  2. People still need time to process things or to learn how to implement things. Remember that old saying, “Failure to plan ahead on your part does not constitute an emergency on mine.”
  3. Yes, things can be transmitted in less than a second, but if you’d like quality work, don’t change the timeline three times.
  4. Don’t be snippy when people ask for clarification. They are asking because they care enough to do it correctly. (If you need something to worry about, be worried about the one who never asks.) In fact, looking for ways to help others is good for your mental health. Show as much love as possible!
  5. Remember your manners. Would you talk to Grandma that way? People have different opinions because they have different life experiences. They are not necessarily hateful, ignorant trash. Accept that they have their own perspective without making them into some sort of monster. Thinking people disagree.
  6. Have a backup plan. There are so many people using technology that it is often slow or doesn’t work at all for a time. If plan A doesn’t work, how can this be submitted another way? Is your timeline really that tight, or are you a control freak? Maybe you just need to rethink things and be reasonable.
  7. Realize that people cannot read your mind. I really don’t know your preferences unless you tell me. I just got 3/10 on a quiz about my own children because of the way a number of the questions were worded. I know them better than anybody. So be crystal clear and spell it out.
  8. Please pray for those who are suffering. This is nation that is stressed out. The many sick and dying Americans (that we usually are blissfully unaware of) pop up in the news dozens of times a day. People’s weddings are being canceled. Funerals have to be limited to a small number, yet the grief and need for community is still there. People who are extrovert-huggers have only their pets. There are many, many lonely people who are even more alone. There are people who have no idea how they are going to pay the rent or electric bill, or even buy groceries.

4 thoughts on “Mercy!

  1. Just because someone said it, doesn’t make it correct. Look to multiple reputable sources to fact check information on the internet. Don’t allow misinformation to cause panic. Above all, prayer works.


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