Looking for an Easier Life?

An eleven-year-old girl named Helen Greiner watched the movie “Star Wars” and decided she’d like to invent a robot that cleaned, much like C-3PO. Now we have a little marvel called Roomba (and many similar vacuums) that will removed the dust and crumbs from our floor at the touch of a button. In the show “Star Trek,” the Officer Uhura had a communications device that she wore in her ear which gave her instant access to her fellow crew members, and now we see them everywhere. I have even read that Rosie the Robot’s clone (a skinny version) now graces many homes.

So here are some genetically engineered creatures that science needs to get started on. A creature that crawls on your family dog (or cat) cleaning it and eating all the hair that’s been shed, then sleeps the rest of the day in a dark corner. It will have a cousin that does the same for dust. We need grass that only grows to a certain height, and flower bushes that do the same while covered in a profusion of flowers. Oh, and their colors change to orange in the fall and red in the winter. We need leaves that instantly dissolve into mulch when they hit the ground, and dishes that wash themselves. My favorite invention would be a fat magnet, so I could move the fat where I want it, and I could slide the excess off to donate to some poverty-stricken country.

The world would be so much easier if we gave it over to science fiction writers.

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