Life In The United States

If you look at the headlines, it appears that America is literally at war with each other. I understand that the media thinks they need to sensationalize everything to sell papers, but everything is not about politics and people are honestly more concerned about their family than the evils of Washington DC.

I had the pleasure of going to Boston for our 10th Driscoll family reunion last weekend. It’s a huge city, yet it’s friendly. Each neighborhood has its own personality, and the traffic is thick, but not terrible. They give way to pedestrians and allow people to merge on freeways. The people who work in Boston are nice, and the worst thing that happened was that we accidentally wandered into the “Freedom Fest” (translation: potheads that listen to profanity in the guise of music) as we walked around town.

The history there is profuse, and the residents seem proud to be the home of Paul Revere (who was one of three riders that night, by the way). There is so much to see and so many great restaurants that one weekend wasn’t nearly enough to take it all in. We also toured the USS Constitution, and I felt sorry for the poor kids who were loading cannons in the heat just so we could see how it was done.

Boston reminded me of everything that makes America great: hard work, strength, kindness, variety, and willingness to help others. The next time a news story makes me angry, I’m just going to turn it off and go for a walk in my neighborhood. That’s where the real news is that affects my life. I’m so blessed to be here.

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