America Is Great Because…

James Matheson and Andrew Reed were the ones who said America was great because she was good, and that if we cease to be good, we’ll lose our greatness. I don’t live in a bubble. I know there is evil in the world, and this country has often failed to live up to the wisdom […]

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One thing that has slapped me across the face during this COVID-19 pandemic is that there are a slew of people who assume too much and have never been taught how to properly relate to others. Have we completely lost the ability to explain things? Is there no way to think things through before sending […]

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A Quiet Dog’s Wrath

My oldest, biggest dog is extremely laid back. The two young dogs will mess with him, and it takes a lot for him to even growl, much less chase one away. My youngest, smallest dog is a bully. Hope will steal food, growl at anybody invading her space, & even try to boss everybody around. […]

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